"Poetry Is One Of The Best Way To                   Express Emotions In Poetic Way"
The Sun And Her Flowers
This book is written by Rupi Kaur and it is comprises of five different chapters. This book mainly depicts the journey of a flower wilting, falling, rooting, rising and blooming. As a celebration of love in all its stages, this lesson of life told by her mother when she spend time with her in the garden. She wants to describe that in order to bloom, one must go through vicissitudes of life. Success is not easy to achieve, one should strive hard in order to succeed.
Mouthful Of Flowers

Celementine Von Radics writes the unique poems on feelings related to falling in love and sinking in sadness after loosing it. Mostly poems are based on journey love life and its uncertainties. She has an impassable art of translated complex feelings and thoughts into a simple manner so that any can relate to it. This book urges the readers to reconsider the meaning of love and how one can…


"The more that you read,      The more things you will know.      The more you will learn,      The more places you will go."THE BABY TREE
This book is written by Sophie, she once again excels at portraying a thoughtful child with a rich inner life, as her hero/narrator finds his world upended when his parents announce the arrival of a new baby. I have hundred question in my head the boy confides to readers but the only one that comes out is "Are there any more coco-pops?" Regaining his bearings he asks the other adults in his life where babies come from. Their gently evasive half answers enable Blackall to unleash her special brand of elegant poker-faced surrealism. When the kindly but taken aback mailman indicates that he "Think babies comes from eggs". But he doesn't know where to get the eggs. The boy imagines a cosy nest of human baby eggs in various stage of hatching. But Blackall also admires her hero inquisitiveness and the way he squares his p…

“To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.”

Normal People
This book is written by an Irish writer named Sally Rooney, at the age of 28, after graduating from Trinity College Dublin she published two novels 'Conversation with friends' and 'Normal People', both are exciting hand-held devices. In this novel, she illustrates the love story of two most sympathetic people; Marianne Sheridan and Connell Waldron meet as teens in County Sligo, Ireland. Both are students, Marianne is an outcast raised in material wealth and emotional poverty by her widowed mother where as Connell lives way across the town with her unmarried mother, who had him in her teens and worked as a cleaner for the Sheridan. Marianne and Connell Fall in to an intense and complicated relationship that is repeatedly muddles by secrecy and miscommunication. Rooney's novel tracks them closely from 2011 to 2015. In high school, Connell worries about his social status if his relation with Marianne comes into sight of his pears. The brave determination …

10 Must Read Books For Avid Reader To Read At Least Once

What Can I Give
This book has been written by Srijan Pal Singh in the memory of the Indian most loved and respected teacher Dr. Kalam. This book is a tribute by his student Srijan Pal Singh, who worked closely with him till the last day of his life. Recollecting his mentor's value, oaths and messages to the youth, Srijan beautifully shares the life lessons Dr Kalam taught beyond the classroom. Giving us a peek into his daily routine, travels, reflections on various national and international issues, anecdotes and quips, this book helps readers get up-close and personal with the greatest Indian of contemporary times. In this novel, never-seen-before photographers, as well as certain expressions that were classic Dr Kalam this heart-warming memoir will inspire and enlighten, immortalising the works and actions of a beloved leader. A peak into his daily routine, travels, reflections on various national and international issues, anecdotes and quips this book help readers and personal w…

10 Must Read Books For Every Avid Reader To Read At List Once

Books provide readers a whole new dimension to experience life's unbeatable challenges, travelling and the world of imagination through someone else's eyes without leaving the comfort zone. Novels simply open doors of our mental capacity and teach us about friendship, love, heartbreak, injustice, vicissitude challenges of life. There is plenitude of books or stories in every genre for beginners, young minds and adults to broaden their intellectual capability. Here are top 10 books for novel readers, and you should read them at least once to enhance your reading experience. The Quiet- The power of introverts in the world the can't stop talking

This book is kind of evolutionary publication that not only illustrates the quite and an astonishing side of introverts. In this novel writer Susan Cain elaborates the behaviour of both extroverts and introverts. The introvert and extrovert is the most fundamental dimension of personality. Introverts make up a third to a half of the th…

A little reading is all the therapy a person needs in today's hectic life

ReadingReading is a complex challenge but also an inevitable part of everyone's life. There are lists of must read books that are mostly available and readily accessible through local stores and online sites either it is political field, economy or even daily life issues. After that, an individual inculcates a functional style of English alphabetic writing system while reading books. However, being articulate and self-spoken are considered to be a great help in any profession which ultimately infuse enormous amount of self-confidence in order to boost self-esteem of a person. Moreover, the huge demand of books encourage people to look up for top 25 books to read before you die and best modern books of all time that excite them to read more and more. This blog will give genuine reviews on variety of genre and topics hence, based on my reading experience the list of books will be recommended further.

List of books type or genre: All books can be classified into mainly two types of ge…